I run art courses for adults and children, usually in extra-curricular settings: summer camps, workshops or courses. What I offer is a space of artistic inspiration, support and learning for people who let me join them on their journey of exploration.

The tools I am using in my workshops are those of children’s book illustration, sketching, printmaking, archaic photography and object design. I deeply resonate with Keri Smith’s attitude of exploration and experimenting, and Cat Bennett’s methodology of teaching art.

Some important underlying themes of my courses are creativity development, artistic self-expression, global education, time and rhythm.

Creativity development and artistic self-expression are rooted in my own journey as an artist. This journey involves a lot of self-teaching and experimenting as an adult, struggles of learning to dive deep for the pictures inside me, finding my tools for expression, believing I am able and good enough.

Global education is the framework I grew up with – and the framework of my thinking as a human being and an artist: looking at the world around me with understanding of our interdependence. The importance of strong roots and local belonging while being able to take a bird’s-eye view of phenomena. Developing and keeping awake skills of critical thinking, ethical understanding. Taking responsibility for my actions – and act from a heart of compassion.

Time and rhythm: as children we live in the cycles of time unconsciously – we grow up in changing seasons, in the rituals of festive times. As a mother I am day by day more aware of how crucial it is to indeed live in rhythms as a human being, as a woman, as a mother, as a family. I am developing a workshop-series which supports this conscious presence in time with artistic tools.

I am currently running courses in my own studio in Budakeszi. There are weekly courses for children, 1-3 day courses for adults, and occasionally 5-10 weeks long courses for adults.

For details, contact me. Language is no problem when it comes to art! 🙂

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I have ran my first art courses for children when I was 14. Since then…

  • I worked with children in state care for 20 years in Deva (Romania), Székesfehérvár (Hungary), and Roccaforte (Italy), in summer camps and after-school art groups.
  • I built curriculum for and ran the fine arts section the Talent Development Programme of Pipacsvirág Ground School (Telki, Hungary) in its first year. 
  • For Mindspace Nonprofit Ltd (Budapest, smart city living, placemaking, gamification) I invented an art workshop for playful urban planning, using stamps. 
  • I took part in a PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) process in India, with a group of tribal women – vision building for their village community using only drawing. 
  • For the invitation of Creative Planet Foundation I developed an artistic method for drawing up identity, and did workshops with street children in Rwanda.
  • Through Pixis (an ex-startup by my brothers and me) I worked with a village community in Brazil, writing and illustrating their own story together. Also in Brazil I taught drawing for waldorf teachers.
  • Since 2012 I have been running art courses in several forms: at Alkotópont Szabadiskola (Budapest, free school of fine and applied arts for children and adults), for Meseközpont Alapítvány (Budapest, supporting children and young people in state care with the tools of story-pedagogy), Modul Art Academy (Budapest, school of fine and applied arts for adults).